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Critter Care Vet

Welcome to Critter Care Vet your local mobile vets in Liverpool city council area NSW South West Sydney Call Anna for assistance


Mobile Vet Services

Home Euthanasia
30 minutes • Call for quote
Pick up and drop off for surgery
30 minutes • $50 to $100

This is transport to and from St Marys Veterinary Hospital where all surgery is performed.

Puppy and Kitten litter special
30 minutes • Call for prices

Microchip and vaccination combo

Eyes and Airway reconstruction
30 minutes • Please make an appointment for a quote

You may own a a breed with a 'Flat face' or a brachycephalic dog breed that may be born with congenital deformities that are affecting it's quality of life. Some of these conditions are: Airway: - Elongated Soft Palate - Stenotic nares - Everted Laryngeal Saccules Eyes: - Entropion - Distichia - Superficial and Deep Corneal Ulcers - Cherry Eye If you are unsure if the condition is to be concerned about, Please seek professional consultation with a Critter Care vet


30 minutes • $38.50/pet

Please read the link below:

If a litter of puppies or kittens (>3 animals) needs microchip and vaccination. The microchip is $25/pet

C5 and F3 vaccinations
30 minutes • $38.50/pet

If you and your pet enjoy going for walks, visiting friends in parks and different homes or go on holidays, it is important to vaccinate your pet against life threatening diseases. Vaccinations should be performed annually to ensure your pet is protected. Alternatively, there is in-house and external laboratory titre testing available, if you choose not to vaccinate your pet. You will receive a 20% discount on the consultation fee of the second and third pet in the same household!

Pet Home visit and Consultation
45 minutes • $110

This includes a home visit consultation in the Fairfield City Council and parts of the Liverpool City Council. All core C5 and F3 Vaccinations are an additional $35! Every second and third pet in the home will have 20% discount off the consultation fee!

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